Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our Snow Day

So when I last left off, we had our White Christmas. I had no idea we would wake up to 10 inches the next morning. I've never seen so much snow here! Most of Little Rock's power got knocked out so we had some friends staying with us. All the grocery stores were closed and since it was Christmas and we were traveling so much, I hadn't been grocery shopping in awhile. It was interesting trying to come up with things to eat! Josh went and got frozen pizzas at Walgreens (the only store open), but we were out of milk and every other essential. We also tried to make eggless pancakes, and they were pretty gross. Everyone else seemed to like them though. Haha!

Addi wanted to go out and play immediately! She also wanted Josh to build a snowman. For some reason, she thinks he is scared of snowmen?? Everytime we pass one of the inflatable ones, she says, "oh no Daddy, a snowman!!" and Josh pretends to be scared. I have no idea where she got it.
 Belle had a BLAST playing in the snow with Rocky!

 All of the trees were droopy from all the snow.

 Poor Dixie was trying to catch up with the others. Haha!

 Josh kept trying to put branches on the snowman for it's arms, but Belle and Rocky would grab them and run off. It was hilarious.

 Addi loved having Rocky (aka Patches or Roxie) and Grandpa Taz over.
 For the rest of the time, we stayed warm and Addi played with all her new Christmas toys! It was so much fun and I'm really glad we never lost power!!


  1. So fun!! I wish we would get some good snow in Tulsa. Hadley wants to make snow ice cream so bad.

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