Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week Recap and Our Trip To NWA

One of Addi's favorite things in the evenings is to play Candyland. She loves that game. And oreos are always a good idea.
 I am in love with this precious Matilda Jane outfit. My sweet friend, Sara, made the bow. 
 Halloween jams!
 Last week was SUPER chilly, so we made chili. Hahahaha.
 Cozy and lazy morning.
 Just full of sass lately. ;)
 So last Monday night, I was enjoying some milk and cookies and Josh was getting Addi ready for bed. We went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and she went to stand on her stool and it slipped out from under her and she busted her chin on our counter. There was TONS of blood and a big gash. Once Josh saw it and said, yeah let's go to the ER, I started having the beginnings of a panic attack. I seriously think I have PTSD from when the dresser fell on her and anytime she bleeds I go to pieces. I remained calm as to not freak her out, and honestly she cried for maybe a minute? and that was it. She was excited to go to the hospital because we told her Doc McStuffins would fix her chin. 
 My poor lamb. The whole side of my shirt was covered in blood, Addi's face and shirt were covered and nobody batted an eye. In fact, we waited for triage for 10 minutes. Then, since there were no rooms open, we waited another hour and a half before Josh decided to call a few of his ER doc friends and ask their opinion. The consensus was it didn't need stitches. This poor little boy next to us was hacking up a lung and the girl on the other side was running a 103 fever. If we didn't get out of there soon, we were really going to be sick! 
 Here's the booboo. Bless her heart. We took her to Dr.Bud's house and he cleaned it up real good and put this cool glue that has antibiotics in it on her chin to seal it up. He was actually working the next day at the children's ER and that put my mind to ease even more. Thank you SO much Bud! 
 We got home around 1 after swinging by McDonald's for a treat for our brave girl. Whew! 
 I got in several adorable boy items this week! Eeek! 
 Addi really loves showing off her chin and telling people that Dr. Bud fixed it. 
 Back to running around, good as new. :)
 It was gorgeous on Thursday, so Addi and I made a trip to the park!

 Our Friday tradition has been to order a pizza for lunch. We both really love that tradition. 
 Friday night, we got into NWA to see Kyle! Kyle had birthday presents for Addi to open and she was thrilled!
 Although, I'm pretty sure they had more fun putting together this one. ;0)
 We paid a visit to Kyle's dad and sampled some roasted pig he had done. So good.
 A little pumpkin pie custard. 
 We made it to the Razorback game just as they called for a delay since it was lightening. We got Addi some popcorn and she was a happy camper!

 Awesome seats!
 Addi's first game. :) She did great until we scored and they shot fireworks off. Bless her heart, she clung to Josh so hard and was screaming, I wanna go home!!! It broke our hearts. Josh took her to another part of the field away from the fireworks and she got to watch our guys play good for a change! We decided to leave at half because it started lightening again and we were winning by A LOT. They ended up calling the game in the 3rd anyways because of lightening again.
 Sweet bear on our way to brunch.
 Not a typical brunch, but it sounded good. ;) A grilled caesar salad. 
 And ciabatta french toast. SO GOOD.
 Love these two.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!


  1. So glad the Razorbacks won this weekend!! WPS!!


  2. Love this post and all the cute pics. Glad Addi is okay after her fall. :) Love you guys!

  3. somehow we have managed to avoid a big accident like this so far. i know i will FREAK OUT when it happens though. scary. so glad she's okay!


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