Friday, May 11, 2012

Catching Up

Long time no blog, huh? We've been sickly this week with sore throats and so everything has taken a backseat. I'm working hard to get caught up though! :)

Last Thursday, we went to WonderPlace! We just love this place. Addi had a blast and what was even more fun, was there was a field trip there that day too! It could have been a nightmare, but the kids were so well behaved and just sweet as could be. Addi was so excited about their school bus too. I wish I would have asked if she could have ridden just for a minute. :)
Have y'all tried these delicious things yet?? SOOO good. It's dangerous that there is a place you can get GOOD drive through cookies. Just sayin.
Princess dress up time! 
I was so happy about this, I had to document. Addi hardly ever eats anything we do. I know that's terrible, but she is super picky and we don't really want to eat pizza and chicken nuggets every night for dinner. ;) Anyways, I made oven fries and she LOVED them. Sweet!
We declared Saturday morning, donut morning. 
Saturday night, we had some friends over for Cinco de Mayo. Josh made yummy fajitas and guacamole for us. Sunday, we went and saw AVENGERS!!! Oh it was so good. I think we are going to see it again this weekend. Haha! Nerds. 
This picture is from this Wednesday. That's right. No pictures for two days. That's what yucky sickness will do to ya. Addi looked so sweet though in her ladybug outfit. 
She made this at MDO! I'm so impressed!!! And I will cherish this forever. 
Today, we went downtown, again, to go ride the trolley and see the ducks. Haha! It seems like we do this alot, but it's so much fun! 
Belle and Addi were wrestling today and it was cracking me up. They love each other so much. :)
Hope y'all have had a great week! Wish me luck for Saturday! I am running in my first race! Josh and I, along with several others are doing Warrior Dash!!!!!


  1. So sorry you guys have been sick...I didn't know. Im glad that you guys are all better now though. :)
    Good luck on Saturday!! :)

  2. Good luck! I didn't know you were running;)
    My favorite thing to do is go downtown. Addi looks so presh!! She's a cutie patootie for sure!


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