Friday, April 6, 2012

Our week in iPhone pics

I'll do a real post soon, but I've taken so many pictures with my phone lately, I thought I would do a separate post with those. :)
Monday night, we made "bunny mix." which is just Cheerios, m&ms and mini marshmallows. It was fun for Addi to pour and mix everything and it is pretty yummy!

Tuesday, Addi skipped her nap so we all piled in the bed around 3:30 to prevent meltdowns later on.

While we were laying there, Addi pulled the tag off of moo moo! She HAS to have the tags to sleep so a little sewing should be fine.

We went to Big Orange for dinner and had the most delicious cherry limeade.

Big girl headed to school on Wednesday.

We found a new park to play at on Thursday. It's really shaded and super nice. Yay!

Thursday night, we went to the Heights for sip and shop.

Live music that Addi loved.

Today, we had our Easter playdate with everyone. It was so much fun!

Happy Easter everyone!!!!
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