Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snow Days and Dance Parties

Today was our first "snow day" of 2012! It was so beautiful coming down, but it didn't last long and I'm not sure the roads ever got bad. Nevertheless, Addi and I pretended like there was 3 feet of snow outside and had fun staying warm and inside all day. :)

We made mac and cheese for lunch. Delish!

Later on that day, Papa sent Addi an Edible Arrangement! She was so excited!
It also came with balloons!
See! Excited!
Addi also let me put some sponge rollers in her hair tonight. They didn't last long, but she had a little bit of curl going on!

We also made Valentine's cupcakes!

Dance party in the kitchen.
Getting down!
Haha! I love days like today!


  1. Love reading all about your special little one! She's precious and what a joy she is to so many!

    Happy Valentine's day to you three!

    Angela and Ross' grandma in Nashville

  2. so sweet! y'all had a busy snow day! the edible arrangement is a great idea. fun, sweet, and healthy! i'll have to remember that for our next "celebration." love addi's excited face - she's precious! happy valentine's day to y'all!!!


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