Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011 Part Two

After we played and took naps, we got ready to go to Searcy for Christmas Eve at Josh's grandparents house. She always does lots of finger foods and desserts and it's sooo good. I made cake balls this year and buffalo chicken dip!
The spread. Josh's dad also did ribs that were divine.
Christmas cookies!
Addi was a fan of the cake balls, until she got to the actual cake part.

Sweet girls.
Check out my new Razorback hat! Haha!
Dezra brought their sweet dog, Eliot. Addi just absolutely loved him! He is the sweetest dog.
Puppy hugs!

Josh reading the story of the birth of Jesus from Luke.
At the end, Addi started singing (very loudly) the "B-I-B-L-E" song. So funny.
Papa was good this year!
Josh's grandma got a monogram machine for Christmas! She's worried she's going to be doing both the sewing and monogramming now for Pumpkin Butter Kids. Haha!
The kids got together and had this buck mounted for Josh's grandpa. He shot it 30 years ago! I got his reaction on video and it is so sweet. At first he didn't recognize it, but it just took him a second and he realized it was the one from that long ago! So cool!
Family picture!
Addi and Aunt Rhen.
Once we were done there, we hurried back to the house and got Addi down then took off for a Christmas Eve candlelight service at church. Thank you to Josh's grandpa for sitting with her while we were there. :)

That's it for part two! :)


  1. You had me at cake balls. :) Yummm!

  2. You look great in the razorback hat!! Love the last picture and your outfit...Love the boots!!!


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