Saturday, October 1, 2011

Last Week...

So I had really good intentions of blogging after all of Addi's birthday posts were up, but ya know, it's okay if I'm doing an update of our week on Saturday! :)

On Tuesday, Addi and I went to the park with our playgroup. We love the park at Lake Willastein so much and it was just a gorgeous day. Addi was going 90 to nothing so I didn't get to chat much with the girls.

Wednesday, Addi spent the day in Searcy. She missed her Papa and Lila so much!

On Thursday, we went back to Searcy to see the Colonel! He was in town for the day to help Uncle Dennis move to Vegas. Addi was SO excited to see him.

Friday, we went to Addi's nutrition appointment. We had to come back because the last time Addi went, it was complete meltdown central and they couldn't get any information. :( I prayed it would go better, and I was prepared this time. I brought plenty of Addi's favorite snacks, a new toy, and she had plenty of rest the night before. Thank you Addi!

I'll blog about our weekend tomorrow! Hopefully! :)

Hope y'all had a good one!

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