Wednesday, October 5, 2011


*I don't like pancakes. Sometimes, I'll get a wild hair and crave them, but most of the time, I just pass them up. I'm not fond of maple syrup either.

*I have one of the biggest tempers you've ever seen. It just doesn't come out very often. My two best friends, Treece and Mia have seen it, and so has Josh.

*I didn't learn vowels until I was 13. Somehow I just missed that in elementary school??? I had NO CLUE what people were talking about when they said, "short a" or "long a."

*I am obsessed with my scentsy. Seriously, that will be my go to Christmas gift for a lot of people this year.

*Speaking of Christmas, I've already started working on my list. :)

*Most of our friends don't like Dixie. Some take the dislike a little further and use the word, hate. Those people would be boys.

*I have a terrible time sewing on buttons.

*One of my most favorite things to do is go into Target (BY MYSELF) and get a bag of popcorn and a large icee and just walk around for as long as I want. Bliss!!!

*I really dislike most "girl foods." Like, chicken salad for example. I despise this food so much and I would rather eat paper than eat chicken salad. It's so gross to me. Also, jello salads, the salads with the weird dressings and stuff I really don't like either. I also don't like salmon. But...I LOVE wings, I love a really good steak cooked medium rare, I love a greasy burger. Just really the unhealthier the better. Ha!

*I'm obsessed with all things Gain scented. Gain scented febreeze, gain scented mr. clean. I LOVE it.

*I love every Real Housewives series. I watch Bravo wayyyy too much at night!

*Warm chocolate makes me gag. I wish I liked it, but it's just too much and I want to throw up if I eat like a warm chocolate chip cookie. It's unfortunate.

What are some of your confessions???


  1. Some of these would also be on my list as well. The smell of Gain, it's a sickness I tell ya, I'm obsessed as well :)

  2. I love Target. It is a sickness for me. I have to limit myself or I'd go every day...heehee!

    I love a good burger or steak. Burgers are the best food ever. I'm not a chocolate fan. There are some things I will eat, but most chocolate is not for me.

    I have started my Christmas list too!

  3. I buy anything Gain scented too! We had a perfectly fine, half-full bottle of non-Gain-scented Febreze, but I found the Gain stuff a couple months back, and now I'm hooked. :)

    And Target Icee and popcorn trips are the best!...but so are warm choco-chip cookies and chicken salad, I gotta say. :)

    And, ummm, yeah...I've already done most of my Christmas shopping! in, I haven't just made my list. I've bought it already. :) Part of my crazy go-go-go, get-everything-done nesting lately!!

  4. I have RECENTLY joined the GAIN Ban-wagon! Apple Mango Tango is the most amazing scented liquid detergent EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and yea, I love greasy hamburgers, steak, and anything bad for me (but I do love chicken a girl food)!


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