Sunday, August 7, 2011

Perfect Weekend

We had the best weekend! Friday, we went to Searcy for a little playtime with Hadley! The girls just loved playing on the piano.

A little ride in the walker.

And a fun tea party.

Then it was dinner time! Scott made some amazing ribs and potatoes and corn. Oh it was so good!

After dinner, we went swimming!

Then, all heck broke loose! Once we took the girls inside, Ashton and Amber went to take showers, Janelle, went to find her camera, so it was just me and the little girls. Not a big deal, except...Addi peed in the floor first, then Hadley, then Hadley said she had to go to the bathroom and while I was in the bathroom with Hadley, I noticed Addi had a weird look on her face. Why on earth I didn't put a diaper on that child as soon as we got out of the pool, I'll never know! But, Addi went #2 in her swimsuit all the while, running like a crazy girl! It was chaotic for a few minutes until Janelle came back in! :)

Saturday, Addi got us all up super early! We played for awhile, then met up with Lila, Amber and Ashton at the Hay's fashion show. Addi got to walk in the show, it was pretty last minute, but she did really good! She was kinda sad she had to get off the stage!

Hay's had some great deals that day, and Addi received 20% off her entire purchase since she walked in the show, so we got a cute Razorback smocked dress! :) After shopping and lunch, we headed back to the house so Addi could take a much needed nap! We got started on Ashton's birthday party preparations!

Such a cute ice cream themed party!

Cutest french braid ever!!!

I wish we still had sleepovers with friends! Remember how fun they were?!

Addi had plenty of entertainment for the night! :)

Sunday morning cupcakes thanks to Grandpa!

When we headed back to Searcy, I was talking to Josh about how excited I was to go grocery shopping because I had tons of coupons! That may sound lame, but I get really excited about couponing! Anyways, so we gather all our coupons, make our list, then head to Kroger. I have NEVER had a problem at Kroger before, but today was not my day. I had $68 worth of groceries and after the checker scanned all my coupons(like 30 coupons) it took $3 off. I knew something was wrong and when I tried to explain to her that it wasn't right, she got an attitude. Nothing boils my blood faster than poor customer service and belligerent attitudes. After being told that it was new policy to only take one coupon per item, I was so worked up I just said sorry, just void the transaction and walked out. Ugh, I was so aggravated! Anyways, so after we put Addi to bed tonight, Josh went back out to get some necessities from Kroger. He decided to take a chance and try to use the coupons, and they took them!!!! He got $51 worth of groceries for less than $20. I was shocked. He said that he went to a different Kroger, he watched to see which checker was taking coupons, and he picked a guy. He said the guy never even looked at the coupons, just scanned them. What. in. the. world?! He was so proud and I can't blame him! Haha! He is doing the grocery shopping from now on! :)

Hope y'all had a great weekend!


  1. Where you at the Kroger on Shackleford? They were the coupon nazis to me one time. And so loud about it. AND they wouldn't take my Similac $5 checks because the picture on the check was of Similac Advanced and I was trying to buy Similac spit up formula. I hate it when they cause me to want to start shouting that I am an educated woman!!!!

  2. Ok, I have had the same issue at Kroger. It is their new policy BUT Josh is right. At the Kroger I go to, I scout out the same two guys every time and Ive talked to them about it, and they are pretty lenient about it. Some other stores are just having major issues with couponing. :) Looks like a fun weekend!!

  3. What a fun weekend! Sounds like you had your hands full with the two little ones :)

  4. What a fun weekend! And I've reeeeally gotta get you (or Josh??) to teach me about couponing. :)

  5. WOW, I'm so sorry!! I didn't realize Hadley had peed too (oops), I promise I will clean up Addi's pee sometime! =)


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