Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Most Wonderful Weekend!

This weekend was just the best. We didn't really have plans and those are my favorite kinds of weekends. :)

On Saturday, we went to lunch at our usual, Milford Track. It was very good as always.

After lunch, we decided to take Addi to go see the new Winnie the Pooh movie. It didn't go so well, it was naptime and we made it through about 40 minutes before she was just so restless and cranky we had to leave. It was fun while it lasted though! She did take a good long nap for us when we got home. :)

For dinner, Josh made shrimp scampi. It was SOOO good.
Addi wasn't so sure! Haha!
And for dessert, we had these yummies from the Target bakery! Delish!

Today, we went to church then out to lunch with some friends. When we came home, I tried so hard to get a picture of Addi smiling for her 22 month post.
I cannot stress enough how hard it is to get a picture of this busy little girl!
But sometimes, she cooperates!

One of Dixie too!

This afternoon, we've had quite the time with Miss Addi. She is DEFINITELY coming into the terrible twos and for some reason, she has just been crying for no reason??? Like just randomly she came over to me and just started bawling her eyes out and then she would look at me and see what reaction I was doing. Read: Horrified. Just kidding, but I really thought something was wrong at first with how she was carrying on. But, she was fine two seconds later! And also she's throwing more and more fits if we try to take something away or tell her to not do something. She also hit Dixie last night after she got in trouble. Woo! Fun times! :)

She is still our sweet sweet girl though. :) Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!


  1. She absolutely could not be any more precious. :)

  2. Man, that shrimp scampi looks SO good! I love that face Addi is making in the 5th picture down! So cute!!

  3. I need to take Emerson to see that movie!! I just have a little infant that won't sit through it:)

  4. Gotta love the terrible twos. :)
    And I love Addi's shrimp scampi face!!!

  5. Thomas has started throwing fits too! Thankfully the fits are always surrounded by hilarious moments... helps to break up the rough moments! I'm really hoping we can get Addi and Thomas together soon! :)

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