Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jumping and Playing

Today we went to Jump Zone with our playgroup. As soon as Addi got up this morning, she asked to go to the pool. She was a little sad when I said no, but then I told her we were going to jump. She said, "play?" "friends?" "Hadley?" Yes to all of those Addi! When we got to Jump Zone we realized that it had turned into a kid war zone. There were two church vans, plus a day care that was there. It was craziness and the kind that always makes my nerves bad. I won't lie, I did go a little momma bear on some kids. There were older boys in one of the bounce houses that were just being really careless and Addi and another little girl were in there and the boys fell on them several times. People are always saying that my voice is so soft, but trust me, those boys heard me. And apparently, they had been asked several times by some other moms to watch out for the babies. Addi can handle herself pretty well, but that other little girl was just getting knocked around and couldn't hardly stand up at all. Luckily, they left pretty soon after that.

Hadley is turning three soon and here she was telling us what all she wanted for her birthday: a baby doll, a motorcycle and a strawberry cake. So funny!

Addi always finds the water fountain and is intrigued with it for about 20 minutes. The downside, her shirt is always soaked.

At one point, I was looking around for Addi and someone said, "oh my word, Addi is at the top of that slide." That slide being one of the bigger ones and one of the ones you have to go through an obstacle course to get up to. My heart stopped and I was so scared she was going to tumble down the slide, but she leaned back and laughed the whole way down! She is fearless!!!

Sliding with friends is always fun too.

Sweet Max.
Eli was being a sassy man today!
Me and Hadley.

And then, I got the bright idea to get a group picture of all the kids. After lots of strategy, tears, loud noises, and me almost falling off a bench, this is what we got. Enjoy!

I was sweating after that. It's hard work getting that many toddlers to sit still! After we cooled down, we headed to Taco Bueno for some delicious Mexican food. Addi is napping, I'm debating whether or not to do some orders or sit here and play on Pinterest. We are going to see Harry Potter tonight and I am SO pumped. I embarrassed myself last night when we were watching part 1. SPOILER ALERT!!!! I was doing the ugly cry when Dobby dies and Josh looked over and asked if I was serious. So, I don't know how tonight is going to go. Haha!

Hope y'all had a great day!


  1. Hahahahaha about Harry Potter (or HP to the 8th like I like to call it). Last night we went and saw it and there is a part where Aberforth does something kind of cool and I literally said "YES" so loud. Rob laughed at me for like 5 minutes. The movie is so good. So so so good.I am like totally all dorked out on it and want to see it again.

  2. Had fun today!
    Soooo jealous of the Harry Potter time. ;) Hope you enjoyed!

  3. If you didn't tear up at Doby's demise then well.. I just don't know.



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