Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Addi-20 Months

Where has my baby gone?! I mean, I know she hasn't been a baby for awhile, but this month has just blown me away with how she is growing and learning!

Addi you are talking more and more everyday. Here are some things you are saying:

-you can count...somewhat. We start off with 1, and you say 2, 4, 6! Haha!
-Nigh Nigh
-Hi!-you say Hi to everyone you see when we are at Target, Hobby Lobby, wherever, you are so friendly!
-Bye!-you say bye about 20 times when we are leaving, and you make sure to tell everyone bye. :)
-You can identify Pa-pa and Daddy in pictures.
-You can say everyone's name, except for Lila's! Although, you did kind of say her name Sunday. I think "L's" are hard for you so it came out "E-ya."
-Moo Moo and Pap Pap are your cow and paci.
-You have started trying to spell your name. When your wearing a monogrammed shirt, we say, "A-d-d-i-s-o-n!" "Addison!" You get the A and the d out, but you point to each of the letters.
-Everything is "hot". You are very sensitive to heat so baths are very cool and your food has to be almost cold or you will say "ot!"
-You have started to say, "Coooolddd" when something is cold. It's very drawn out. :)

Mermaids=strawberries (no clue, but that's what it sounds like)
Nack=snack (and you run to the fridge)
Chik Chik=chicken
Most foods she can repeat.

Funny Things:
-you sing to your babies and put them to bed.
-Elmo is your FAVORITE right now. Anything that has Elmo, you point it out.
-You have started to point out the little mouse on the pages of Goodnight Moon. It amazes us, because we have trouble finding where it is sometimes, and you usually beat us to it!

-Coloring is your favorite pastime right now. You can identify blue and purple.

Behavior has definitely been an issue this month. You have hit Dixie a couple of times and you laugh when you do it. Then you say "no-no". So I think you know that's bad, and I say no, we have to be sweet to Dixie and then you pet her. Thankfully, you haven't hit anyBODY yet.

Tantrums are in full force. Usually you are easily distracted, but sometimes I'll pick you up from coloring to go change your diaper, and it's a total meltdown. I've tried time outs and little swats, but you just get so angry when I take you away from something you are enjoying.

It's hard to take you out to eat, because you are so busy and after 10 minutes your ready to get out and play. We blame ourselves because at dinner, we let you get out of your high chair when your done eating and play.

You've gotten a little bossy lately too. :) You get on to Dixie quite frequently which is hilarious, because you tell her "no-no" and shake your finger. Cue, the going back to we need to be sweet to Dixie. Poor Dixie. :)

Sharing has come up this past week. You have taken away a couple of toys and crayons from people. You know you have to share because you say, "share" then a minute later you'll do it again, but you'll look at me when you do it to test my reaction. You are your father's daughter Addi. Always testing the boundaries! :)

You are SUCH a joy and the light of our lives. We love you so much. I love this stage because you are communicating with us and we are starting to understand each other when we speak. I just love that. I pray we both have patience for what's to come!

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  1. L's ARE hard, Addi! Just ask Lily. :) Poor girl still can't say her own name!
    Happy 20 months!!!!


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