Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunny Days

I am SO happy to say that the sun was out today for the first time in what feels like forever! Our poor state needed a break from all that rain. I'm pretty sure the highway between Jacksonville and LR is still underwater. I'm ready for summer, although today at playgroup I said I am ready for fall and Christmas. Ha!

Addi has been in a weird mood the past couple of days. I'm pretty sure she is teething because she has been rubbing her teeth and she's just pretty pitiful lately. Yesterday, we lost "moo-moo" for a couple of hours. Somehow it ended up in the dryer? Not sure how, but those few hours were awful. She was crying and asking for her moo-moo. It was sad times! But, today was fun! We went to our friend Cheryll's house today for a playdate. Addi was acting strange for half the time there. She was laying on the couch, playing by herself, just not being very social and then she would come out and make a pouty face and want me to hold her.

But, then she got a burst of energy and threw a couple of toys in the toilet. Oh me. Sorry Cheryll. :)

Lily is such a good stacker!

Sweet Eliot!

This picture makes me laugh!

When we got home, Addi didn't take a nap, but her mood was a lot better!

For dinner, we went to a new place called, Terrace on the Green. It's in a weird location, actually inside an office building. We have found the best restaurants are in office buildings! This is a Greek/Mediterranean place and it was AMAZING!!! The food was so unbelievable fresh, flavorful and unique. It's a tad expensive, but if your looking for a good date place in Little Rock, this is right up your alley. It's also a little fancy, but not stuffy. I highly recommend it.

Hope y'all had a great day!


  1. Yep, stacking's my kid's specialty. :) Had a great time today!
    And I hear Terrace on the Green is soooo yummy, but I've never been....

  2. I think she misses her Grandpa!

  3. I love her sweet little outfit! You have given me an idea for breakfast in the morning! Nutella on a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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