Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hadley's Party and Mother's Day Weekend!

This is going to be the longest post ever, because we have had a FULL weekend!!! On Friday, we went to lunch with our good friend, Michele! We went to Zaza's for yummy salads and then to Cupcakes on Kavanaugh for a little treat! Addi was so cute sitting in the big chair eating her cupcake.

After our fun lunch, we packed up the car and headed to Tulsa! Addi slept for three hours in the car which was wonderful.

Once we got to Janelle and Andrew's, we let the girl's play in the backyard before dinner. They LOVED the bubbles!

We ate dinner at Tally's that night. Oh my word. If you are ever NEAR Tulsa, you have to eat here. It is SO good. There was SO much food and it was all so good.

Addi and Audrey read bedtime stories together. Sweetness.

Saturday was Hadley's second birthday!!! After breakfast at Tally's, I told y'all it was good, we got to work on decorating. Well, Janelle had done most of it, but we just helped with the finishing touches. She did such a great job, she should really be a professional party planner!

We tried to put Addi up in the tree with Hadley and Audrey, but she was not happy until Josh got up there with her!

We all had such a great time at the party, but man was it HOT!!! It felt like 90 degrees outside!

The drive home was an adventure. Addi despite having no nap, not getting enough sleep the night before and playing all day in the sun, only slept for 45 minutes.

And....our tire blew out about 10 miles from home! And our car didn't have a spare! Only a flat tire repair kit. So weird! So we had some friends pick us up and take us home and got AAA to tow our car. Frustrating!!!

Today, Josh made me breakfast since it was Mother's Day. So nice. My gift was a Keurig!!! I have been wanting one of these for so long and I love it! When we got to church, the nursery workers gave all the moms flowers. So sweet!!! We headed to Searcy after church to have lunch at Josh's dad's house. Addi LOVES it over there so she had a blast.

They just got a new puppy and Addi was in love!

So blessed to be this girl's momma!

I just loved all your sweet comments on my last post. So sweet. I hope y'all had a great weekend!!!


  1. Great job on the party decorations! Looks like a FUN weekend!

  2. Great Pictures of you Ashley...You look great and love the color of your hair...again thanks so much for sharing...Great Aunt Jean...

  3. Party looked great! Sad about your blow out:(

  4. I love the pictures of you and your girl...such pretty ladies!

    Looks like a super fun and busy weekend. We also had a busy weekend, but to me they are the best...filled with fun memories!

  5. Addi looks adorable all the time, but she looks too cute in the purple! I love the picture of y'all too :) glad you had a good mothers day!

  6. What a wonderful weekend!...ya know, outside of the blowout. :( No fair at all!
    And I loooove my Keurig!! Too bad I'm off coffee right now, though I haven't felt my babe kick in a while, so maybe.... ;)


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