Monday, May 9, 2011

Addi-19 Months

Addi you are 19 months! Well, almost 19 1/2 months. :) I thought instead of doing a what you are doing post,I would do a typical day for you post! I want to be able to look back and remember how we spent our days.

You usually wake up around 9-9:30. Some days it's later, some days it's earlier, but that's your usual wakeup time. You're always in such a happy mood and I just love that!

The first thing we do is get you a bottle of milk. We usually just sit on the couch and watch Sesame Street or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, depending on what time you woke up.

After about 10 minutes, we eat breakfast. Your favorite breakfast is a waffle with some kind of fruit.

Depending on what day it is, depends on what we do after breakfast. Some days we stay home, some days we have playgroup and sometimes you are at your Grandpa and Lila's house.

On the days we stay home, we usually go outside and play if it's not raining. You LOVE your playground and could stay out there all day if you could.

After playing, we come inside for lunch. You are picky about what meats you eat so lunch either consists of turkey pepperoni and cheese, nuggets, or a grilled cheese.

After lunch, it's naptime. You go down pretty easy as long as you have your cow and your paci. Last week your cow was lost for a couple of hours and you had a hard time going to sleep. Naps usually last around 2 hours. In this time, I check emails, blog, work on orders or clean.

After nap, we eat a snack. This is usually yogurt, goldfish or fruit or crackers and cheese.

We play inside for a little while until you get restless and want to go outside. You have been really enjoying coloring lately. I do have to keep a close eye on you so you don't eat the crayons! Ha!

Soon after that, your Daddy comes home and he takes over playing with you so I can get dinner ready. We eat as a family and then y'all go play some more while I clean up dinner.

8:00 is bathtime! Josh is in charge of bathtime and while he is doing that, I pick up toys, and lay out Addi's pj's and tidy up her room.

After bath is lotion, pj's, storytime and then bed. We don't rock you anymore, we just lay you down and you go down without a fight usually, but sometimes we can hear you singing to yourself over the monitor.

So that is our typical day!

Also, Addi you started counting this past week and your vocabulary has really picked up. You say new things everyday and we are just amazed at how fast you are learning and growing. We love you!!!


  1. What a precious, smart, and smiley 19.5-month-old girl!!!!!!!

  2. Precious!!! so fun...I may have to try waffles with NG. I think she would like that!

  3. I love this precious 19 month old! :D


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