Friday, February 4, 2011

Addi-16 Months

Addi is closer to 17 months now, but I just remembered I never wrote a 16 month post. :)

Addi you are 16 months old!!! What are you up to?

You are such an entertainer, you love to make people laugh, and girl, you know how! You make me and your Daddy laugh so much with the silly things you do and your funny faces.

You and Dixie are best buds long as you have food. You still love her so much and sometimes I'll bring her into your room in the morning and let her wake you up. You get so excited when that happens.

You are definitely coming into being more expressive about when you don't want to do something. Or when you want to do something and I try and stop you. It's been a little better the past few days, the key is to just distract you with something else.

You give me this little face sometimes when I try and get you to eat healthy things, or when I tell you not to get into something. You are a sassy little thing!

You recently started saying two words together! I couldn't believe it, but you said, "Addi open" after you opened one of my makeup pallets. You also say, "No No Di-Di" when you get onto Dixie. Your vocabulary is growing so much and you are getting really good at repeating words we say to you. Your favorite word right now is Baboon, you say "Ba-Boo". It's on your peek-a-boo wild game.

I thought we had made progress on getting you to try new foods, but it seems like you have regressed a little. I know it's totally normal for toddlers to do this, but it is frustrating. I bought the book Deceptively Delicious so I'm going to start making some stuff out of there.

Your new favorite show is Mickey Mouse ClubHouse. You love to do the hot dog dance at the end. It's so funny to watch you dance, you just kinda stand there and bounce a little then you stomp one leg and turn in a circle.

You are a clumsy little thing. Last week you got your first big boo-boo on the head it was just now going away until last night you got carried away and fell face first on our entryway floor. Now you have a purple bruise right where the old one was. :(

You really amaze me with how much stuff you know. I guess you just observe us doing things around the house like cleaning, getting ready, cooking, and you will grab an object and try to emulate what we were doing.

You are a little momma. You love to play with your baby dolls and lately we've had several babies in our house. You love to lay your head by them and sing them songs, make sure they have their paci, and you always offer them your bottle. You pat them and say "ohhh" or "ba-bee!" I think you are going to be a great big sister someday!

We love you so much sweet baby girl. Some days are truly exhausting, but I love getting to spend every day with you!!! I can't believe you are growing up so fast. I know God has great things planned for you!


  1. Such a sweet post!...and a sweet girl!!!!!!!

  2. a very nice post ashley!

  3. Sweet Addi, she's getting so big.

  4. Happy 16 months Addi!!! Are our children separated at birth? This post would be something like I would write! hehe

  5. She is such a Cutie Patootie!!


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