Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Puppy Love

Lately, Addi has been very interested in Dixie and what she is doing. She gets so excited in the mornings when she sees Dixie and always tries to pet her and lay on her. This morning, well I should say afternoon since Addi woke up at 11. Don't be jealous, she was up late again last night. Anyways, so she was loving on Dixie and the surprising thing was that Dixie was actually letting her! Addi was SO happy to be close to Dixie and thought it was fun to try and give Dixie hugs.

We mostly were just lazy today since Addi had another late night again. I did finish up this ADORABLE valentine's shirt for a sweet little boy.

I do have to say that Addi was just a little toot all day! She was constantly getting into things she shouldn't and I just found myself picking up after her all day long. I am worn out on days like this, and I know that my house will never be "perfect" again, but I just really like for things to be neat. Oh well, I should probably just give that one up! Haha!

This was Addi's face when I would get onto her.

She also has been sitting in this baby swing ever since we brought it out the night before for Lucia. She likes to sit in there with a snack and watch her shows. Oh me. And don't judge on the unhealthy snack. That was her allotment for the day!

She also carried around her backpack for a good part of the afternoon.

On a completely random note, I am really starting to dread March. That is when we are putting Addi in MDO. I know that this will be good for her, and she is so social, she needs to be around other kids, and they will teach her more than I can, but I am really having a hard time with it. I just feel like it's too soon for her to be going! I can't believe she's close to 18 months. Any advice or comments about how good MDO is would be greatly appreciated! Haha!

Hope y'all had a great day!


  1. Cute Addi/Dixie snuggle pics and cute Valentine shirt!
    I don't have any MDO advice - sorry! But when I think about Lily starting kindergarten one day, my stomach flip-flops, my heart skips a beat or five, and I practically hyperventilate. :)

  2. I just had to out Jackson in MDO this week. He isn't there the full time because of his nap schedule but I'm still hating it :-( I have to go to Conway for class on Tuesday and Thursday. He went for the first time on Tuesday and had a great time. He didn't cry until just a few minutes before I got there and just because they turned off the lights and tried to get him to lay down. It's not easy but don't think of it as daycare, but as a few hours set aside to at with friends and learn some good social skills :-)

  3. MDO is great for kids. Trust me I see it when parents aren't there now (because I work there!) and the kids love it. Trey started at that age and I was a nervous wreck but it was so great for him. He learned to play with others and by himself. They also did WAY more crafts, singing, etc than I ever do at home. Email me if you have any more concerns. I think MDO is the best solution because it's not full time daycare but it's still social fun time.

  4. So many things to say, so here goes!

    1) cute valentines shirt!

    2) Connor has turned into a baby tornado. My house isn't neat until he goes to bed!

    3) I'm putting Connor in mdo next fall and here are my thoughts on it:
    1)he loves interaction with other kids
    2) I have heard that for those that struggle with naps (not sure if addi does, but Connor already has a major in struggling with naps) it really helps them get better. I'm doubtful, but hopeful!
    3) I can use that time to clean the house or run errands that I normally couldn't do with him (hello highlights!) I don't really get to spend that time with him anyway, so at least he will be able to play and learn new things!

    Now I say all this with ease because I still have 7 months to go! Ha

    Good luck! I know y'all will do great!


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