Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Addi-15 Months

I'm a little late on this one, but better late than never!

Addi you are 15 months old!!! What are you up to?

You are really coming into your personality these days! You love attention, and will get SO excited if we start clapping for you! You love to make people laugh!

You are also a mischievous little girl too! When you know your not supposed to be doing something, you will get this little grin on your face and it cracks us up! It looks a lot like this.

You have also started to be a little more shy when you are around new people. It takes you 5-10 minutes to warm up, then you are all over the place, but in the beginning you cling to me.

One of your most favorite things right now is this little character on TV called Warehouse Mouse. We were watching the Disney Channel one morning and Addi just stopped in her tracks and started laughing. She was laughing at this little guy. He doesn't talk, he just mumbles and falls a lot. I took a video today of her watching him, it's really cute.

Your second favorite things are books. You LOVE books and you are just content to sit and "read" your books for long periods of time. If I try to read them to you, you usually grab it back and shake your head no. :(

You love Dixie and you are always trying to pet her and feed her. Tonight, you tried to feed her a piece of wood which was hilarious.

You still love fruit and are becoming more adventurous in eating new things. I was so proud of you tonight because I made chicken enchilada soup and I got you a little bowl (sans liquid) to try. You definitely tried it, several times in fact, but it made you gag. Haha, but I'm proud of you for trying!

I am enjoying this age so much right now!

Addi we love you so much little peanut! We are so blessed to be your parents and we love watching you grow!


  1. Happy 15 months to Miss Addi! Such a sweet, precious, smiley girl!

  2. Isn't 15 months just the beginning?!!! They just keep getting more fun and interesting! haha

    And soup sound yummy right now!

  3. Happy 15 months!! I can't believe it!!!


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