Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa's Elves

Today, Addi and I delivered lots of Christmas cheer! We dropped off gifts and cinnamon rolls all over Little Rock. Here is Addi in her sassy zebra dress.

Our first stop was the office I used to work at. I'll be honest, I do not miss working AT ALL, but I do miss these girls! Addi did not want me to put her down at first, but once she warmed up she showed off her new walking skills!

We all said we wanted her coat in our size!

Addi was such a trooper today. Poor thing was in the car for almost four hours today! We had a lot of stops so I made sure she could get out and stretch her legs some! We also made a quick stop at Chik fil a for some lunch!

One of our stops was in North Little Rock. I met this girl who has a daughter that is a little over a year older than Addi. She let me shop her closet basically and I bought some of the CUTEST smocked dresses! I can't wait to go back in January and get Addi some spring clothes! She also makes bows, so I got these adorable turkey bows to go with the dress!

When we got home, I gave Addi a Christmas cookie as a treat for being in the car so long! She ate maybe two bites and then gave it to Dixie. Dixie will be her best friend before she knows it!

We got a nice surprise when the mail came!

Isn't this a beautiful dress? It's red corduroy and I love it! Thank you Uncle Dennis!!!

Tonight at dinner, we let Addi feed herself squash. We figured this is probably the only way she will eat her veggies, the only downside is she makes a HUGE mess! We started laughing at something and so she just cheesed and did the funniest fake laugh, so we kept laughing and she kept making the silliest faces! She is such a ham!

We also got ANOTHER sweet surprise on our doorstep after dinner!

We LOVE our tea set!!! We played with it for a very long time tonight! Thank you SO much Michelle!!!

Oh and here is the recipe for the coffee punch from yesterday!
Hope y'all had a great day!!!


  1. Glad you like the tea set! Lily's got that exact set, and she sees to it that we have a tea party pretty much every single day. :)
    And that red & white coat?! Soooooooo cute!!!!!

  2. Hi there! Came over from Bloggy Moms to follow! Your little girl is a beauty!

  3. I wanted to comment yesterday, but I had a 19 lb growth all day and didn't get a chance :) your Playdate looked awesome! And aren't those cinnamon rolls divine?! I could eat my weight on them!

  4. HA!! LOVE the squash pictures!! & her zebra dress is awesome!


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