Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday, next to Christmas. They are both pretty tied to be honest. With Thanksgiving, you are coming together as a family, there is no stress for presents, you just get to be with the ones you love and EAT. For me and Josh, we have four Thanksgivings to go to. We are full for days afterwards! Haha! So here is what I need for the PERFECT Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Deep fried turkey. Has to be fried! For years, my family didn't do turkey, we did a ham. It wasn't until a couple of years ago I found out the turkey is actually a Northern tradition that migrated to the South. Josh's family does turkey, his grandma roasts one and his dad fries one. So yum!

2. Ham. Haha! At my Mimi's Thanksgiving, we do ham. At my other grandparent's T-giving, they do both!

3. Sweet Potato Casserole.

4. Mashed Potatoes.

5. Butternut squash casserole. Josh's grandma makes this and it is so good. I need to ask her for the recipe!

6. Green Bean Casserole.

7. Corn Casserole.

8. Dressing. My uncle makes the BEST dressing in the whole world. I could eat it by the plate. His is like a wild rice type stuffing also.

9. Rolls. King's Hawaiian please!

10. Pie!!! (Pumpkin, pecan, chocolate, apple and Avril's cherry crunch!)

What are y'alls favorite Thanksgiving foods?


  1. Yum, definitely sweet potato casserole for me!!

  2. Sweet potato casserole (with LOTS of marshmallows!) gets my vote too. :)


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