Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wedding Weekend Part 3

After the reception, we headed back to Little Rock. We laid down for a little bit before everyone came over. Addi had fun playing with everyone.

For dinner we went to Cajun's Wharf! It was delicious!

I'm so thankful to Lynda who walked around with Addi and gave me a chance to eat! Ha! And another thank you to her too, for putting Addi to bed! When we got home, we ate cake and ice cream and let Granddad open his birthday presents. Jeff bought some Fruity Pebbles to put on top of the ice cream! Yes! We watched Book of Eli that night, since Mason and Lynda hadn't seen it. It was good watching it a second time because you catch little things you missed before.
I'm also happy to say that Addi slept until 10 on Sunday! We couldn't believe it! I'm telling you, we wore that girl out! Ha! We went to church with everyone, then ate a good lunch at Whole Hog. After everyone left, we took a family nap and it was wonderful!!! Hope y'all had a great weekend!
Sorry this post was so long!

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  1. Whole Hog, Cajun's, and Fruity Pebbles...three of my favorites! And I LOVED all the family photos in white, and the little white church was adorable indeed...ya know, 'til you mentioned the part about no air conditioning, at which point I broke into a wild, crazy sweat just thinking about it. :)
    See you tomorrow for muffins! Oh, and mine are sorta gross. Big surprise there.


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