Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Exhausted and Delirious!

If this post is really random and weird, I'm sorry. I'm so sleepy and tired that I just want to do a quick post, watch some Shark Week and go to bed! Last night, Addi didn't sleep very good and me and Josh are pretty exhausted! We are trying to wean her off of baby food and so we've been giving her more solid grown up food. She's been showing a strong interest anyways, and we just feel like it's time. It's hard to tell if Addi is getting enough now, because with the jars of baby food I always knew how many she ate in a day. With the solid food, it seems like she eats a lot but then I find half of it in her high chair. Josh said, "she'll let you know if she's still hungry." Well she did! Last night in fact! Sister woke up at 1 and drank almost 8 oz. of formula and then didn't go back to sleep until 3:30. She was far too interested in pulling our hair than to sleep. Ha! So today, I made sure she ate like every 1 1/2 hours and gave her plenty of formula and even gave her an extra sippy cup of whole milk. I am hoping we will all get a good night's rest, because all three of us need it!

Now enough complaining! Here are some sweet pics I got of Addi yesterday and today. She is growing up so fast, we can hardly believe it. Lately, when we say a word, she will try and say it back. Usually she only gets out the first syllable, but we are impressed nonetheless! Also, we started a new game with her that cracks us up. We'll come up behind her and say, "I'm gonna getcha!" and she will take off crawling and just laugh hysterically! It's so much fun. She is also waving more at people. Her wave though is more of her just holding her hand up. She has also discovered how fun it is to yell! Today we went and ate lunch with Josh at his work and we ate in this atrium that has a bunch of tables. Well, Addi thought it would be so much fun to yell at all the people sitting around and it magnified her voice so much! We got kinda embarrassed and ate real quick then left, because she was so loud! I told Josh, I think our days of going out to restaurants with her might be dying down!

I know this one is really blurry, but I really like it!

This is after Dixie and Addi got into some goldfish. They used team work to get the package open!

Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. O man. Those are defintely hard nights when the sweet peas want to be awake and climb all over you! But how can you stay mad when they are so darn cute. Your little Addi is just too stinken cute!

  2. Hi! I'm your newest follower from Bloggy Moms!!! :) Nice to meet you! Your daughter is so cute! Enjoy every moment, they grow up so fast. I have 6!

    Hope you'll come visit soon & follow me back next. :)
    Lisa xoxo

  3. Bless you and your babygirl...and keep the posts coming! Glad that I found you through Bloggymom...please follow back! :)

    Facebook Group: Desperate Housemommies

  4. Sorry Addi isn't sleeping so great either! Lily's a REALLY bad influence, and I'd keep an eye on her if I were you. :)


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