Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July!!!

I hope y'all all had a wonderful fourth! I LOVE this holiday! The colors, the food, time with family, it's all great! We spent the weekend in Texarkana with Mur and
Granddad, Emma, Resa, Treece and Noah! It was so much fun!
On Friday, we drove down to Texarkana after Josh got off work. We made a little pit stop at McDonald's first to get a little snack. Addi ate three nuggets and LOVED them. I've decided nuggets are going to be a once in awhile treat because everyone that I've told has given me a lecture on how mcnuggets are horrible for you.

That night for dinner, Mur made a delicious meal. I was a little worried at first because she said there was squirrel and rabbit on the menu. She also fried chicken, but made us try everything. It wasn't bad at all! The rabbit tasted just like chicken. I've had squirrel before and I just don't like it, it's too gamey. We had a ton of southern side dish staples on the table also. And for dessert, banana pudding. Oh so good.

Addi's second patriotic outfit.

That night, Addi didn't go to bed until 10:40. Everytime we would try to put her down she would scream so we just let her wear herself out until she was so exhausted she didn't put up much of a fight. She woke up once about 4, but went back to sleep fairly quickly.
Saturday morning, when Addi woke up Mur took Addi and let me go back to bed. They had a great time, Mur took her to the Farmer's Market and Addi made a lot of new friends!

She took a nap when they got home while we prepared stuff for that night's dinner. Once Addi woke up we went to Ironwood Grill for lunch. It's our favorite place to eat in Texarkana.

Addi was a toot all through lunch so she got passed around alot.

After lunch, we dropped Addi and the boys off at the house so she could take a nap and us girl's went to get our nails done! I was surprised to see they got another dog, and the dog looks and acted just like Dixie! She even was a cuddlebug like Bix!

When we got back home we started getting things ready for dinner. Talk about a feast!

We had a WHOLE smoked hog, two smoked chickens, grilled sausage, grilled corn, new potatoes, rolls, and some other goodies!

Addi's third outfit.

We also got a wonderful visit from Whitney, Andrew, Eden and Whitney's parents and brother! They brought peach cobbler, Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake and "homemade ice cream." :) The ice cream ended up not freezing, but I stuck my finger in it and it was GOOD. Ha ha.

Addi loved Eden! They had a good time playing with Sampson and Eden is going to be such a good big sister!

After Addi had gone to bed, Eden was singing lullaby's to Addi's monitor. So cute!

We made ourselves sick eating so much, but it was so good! Later that night the girl's started a massage train upstairs!

At around 10:00 that night, Addi started waking up every hour so we just went to bed and brought her in there with us! I know it's a bad habit and we swore we would never do it again, but she slept till 7 the next morning and it was so sweet!
Sunday morning, Addi played with Sampson and some of Mur's toys before church.

This is Addi's fourth patriotic outfit!

In church, Addi got a little restless so I took her to the nursery. There were three other babies in there, ages 7 1/2 months(girl), 8 1/2 months(boy), Addi who is 9 1/2 months and a 10 month old(boy). It was hilarious to watch them interact. Addi was one of the "bigger kids", but she played very good with the others. She found this little toy that rocks back and forth and stayed on that thing for a good ten minutes! She loved it!

Here are some family pics after church in our patriotic wear.

We ate lunch at the club, but I think we were all still full from the night before! They did have these gorgeous and delicious pavlova's. Which by the way, Josh thinks I made up the name.

We quickly went home after lunch and packed so Addi could nap on the way to Searcy. Usually, the longest Addi will sleep in the car is two hours, but I was very surprised when she slept all three hours! I may or may not have slept most of that time too. Sorry Josh! Josh's dad was having a cookout that night so we changed into our swimsuits and jumped in the pool. Addi was having so much fun in the water. She was actually trying to swim I think! She would kick and splash while on her belly.

We left before the fireworks, because Addi was tired. But, sitting here I can here them going off all around! I was also remembering last year how pregnant I was and getting so annoyed with the heat and just wanting Addi to come already! Ha!

I'm so glad she's here now for me to love on and dress her in patriotic outfits!
Happy 4th of July!!!


  1. I'm pretty sure I've got the only child EVER who won't touch chicken nuggets or cheeseburgers or any actual NORMAL kid food! For dinner tonight? Raw carrots and a slice of cheese - that's what she ate. Nice.
    And Addi's fourth patriotic outfit was absolutely adorable. :)

  2. Thanks for taking the time to do this... I so enjoy it... Since I can't partake in events anymore this makes me feel I am a part of them...
    I doesn't seem that long ago when Josh was our Addie and how we all watch his every move and smile and just knew for sure no other child was as smart and as cute !!! I wish your mom and also you dad were there to share in her first 4th... Your mom would be so proud what a great mom and wife you are...Earl was right when he said that is the girl Josh should be with... A stranger from afar could tell that you were a great catch!!!


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