Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day!

Sunday was Josh's first Father's Day! Me and Addi made him eggs benedict for breakfast. I made the hollandaise myself! It was easy, but my arm was worn out from beating the egg yolks!

After eating, Josh opened up his presents from Addi! Addi got him a razorback phone cover, a new golf shirt and a glee CD!

Addi got down for a nap and me and Josh decided to nap too, I've been feeling kinda sick the past few days so we didn't make it to church. When we got up, we made burgers for lunch. They were really good! We made them in a cast iron pan since it was raining.
The rest of the day we just played and let Josh watch a lot of golf. Ha!Scott and J loaned me one of their nice cameras, and I took almost 500 pictures yesterday! Haha, Josh kept saying, "Are you taking another picture?" I love it! It takes awesome pics!

For dinner we went to a new place here called Bar Louie. It was really good! Josh got this dish called voodoo pasta. It was chicken, andouille sausage, green peppers and rice in a spicy cajun cream sauce. He loved it! I got mac and cheese with grilled chicken, kind of an odd choice I guess, but it was really good too! Addi was a little difficult during dinner, I think she was wanting to try everything we were eating! Ha! We came home and put Addi to bed then we made brownies and then just watched TV for awhile, it was very nice and relaxing! I took some Ny-quil because my throat was so scratchy and sore. I slept like a rock! Hope y'all had a good weekend!

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