Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy Busy Day!

Wow, me and Addi had such a fun and busy day today, but I am looking forward to relaxing a little tomorrow, that is until I have to make snacks for church! Haha. Addi slept through the night last night! She had been doing that pretty consistently, but then we went to Texarkana and it's been kinda wacky since then, she had been having a 2 a.m. wake-up, so I'm glad she's back to her old schedule! After her morning nap, we got ready and went and had lunch with Lila! This is Addi on her third outfit of the day. The first was pjs, then a super cute dress, but she spit up all over that one. Can I just say how much I love this little linen bubble I got a Rhea Lana's for like $3! And I love how she's looking at her paci like, what am I supposed to do with this mom!

It is getting so hard to get Addi to look at the camera these days. I basically have to make really high pitched bird like noises for her to look at me and then jump around if I want her to smile. Yes, picture it, it really is as hilarious as it sounds. Anyways, so we met up with Jeanette at Zaza's and had really yummy salads. I fed Addi like 10 puffs and she didn't make weird faces! Maybe she likes them now!

After lunch, Jeanette went and got her hair done, and me and Addi may or may not have walked across to Cupcakes on Kavanauh. They don't have the strawberry shortcake cupcake yet, but when they do...watch out! It's my all time fav. If there is one thing I can't resist besides fresh cut fries, it's a cupcake.

Addi fell asleep on the way back, so I decided to run a couple of errands. One of those included stopping at Hobby Lobby and checking out their Easter decor since I knew it would be on sale. I got a couple of things that you can paint yourself, and I thought that may be fun for me and Addi to do next year. But then I thought, Addi will only be 18 months. Oh well, I'll have fun doing them! I also got some really cute fabric that was on sale and I'm attempting my first outfit for Addi. I'll post a picture if I'm not too embarrassed! We then went to Babies'R'Us with Jeanette and bought Addi a walker! I'm so excited about this. We let Addi test drive the walker first and she took a couple of steps! I really think she is going to love it, and it's super cute.

When we got home, I had to turn around and go right back out to my very first events planning committee meeting! We are in the process of planning the Ronald McDonald House golf classic which will be on August 23rd. I am so excited!! I felt like a grownup again. Although, when I did work, I never had meetings in a boardroom, but still! Hope y'all had a great day too!
P.S. By the way, if you know Warren Stephens on a personal level, I would love an introduction! :)

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